Empowering Wealth through A.I Enabled Crypto Wallets

Make your crypto assets work for you with an intelligent automated wallet powered by A.I automation and Cloud security that maintains asset stability, generates income, and simplifies transactions.

Our Technology

Our hybrid solutions provide innovative ways to save, invest and earn crypto easily with confidence.

Secure Storage

Crypto assets are stored in a secure cloud-based wallet with end-to-end encryption


By staking and hodling, you can earn crypto using our AI-powered blockchain technology

Asset Stability

Freedom to accumulate crypto without worries of high volatility

Easy to Operate

Simple, fast and convenient user-friendly system with personalized support

Artificial Intelligence

Our technology makes crypto investment safe and lucrative using AI and blockchain data

Swift Transaction

Lightning fast cryptocurrency transactions design to meet your needs.

AI Enabled Crypto Investments

With the application of A.I to our crypto systems, we provide clients with smart investment opportunities and secured crypto wallets through automorphic cryptographic protocols and optimization meaning faster transactions at lower costs, as well as automated A.I Models and services to optimise investment performance at low risk and high profitability.

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Earn Crypto through
Smart HODL

Storing cryptocurrencies over a long period of time may result to an uncertain risk-return pattern as all cryptocurrencies experience huge fluctuations in their valuation. However with our Smart HODL system, we store and secure your crypto against future changes through automatic trading system using technical analysis, generating profit daily.

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Get Rewards by
Staking Assets

Crypto staking on BBCStaticMiner involves "locking up" a portion of your cryptocurrency for a period of time as a way of contributing to its blockchain network. In exchange, stakers earn rewards daily.

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Easily Accessible

We aim to make investments in crypto assets more reliable, stable and convenient for everyone irrespective of age, awareness or profession. Invest in cryptocurrency today with just a few clicks.

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