About Us.

Bbcstaticminer is a value-driven Cryptocurrency Company dedicated to Building a constant Revenue stream for all our clients.

We are working to make Cryptocurrency Mining better for everyone

Mining matters to us all. The world is gradually moving from conventional ways of getting paid - be it your paycheck, pension or piggy bank savings to mining cryptocurrencies which provides a more secure way to creating wealth. So rather than keeping up with the daily hurdles of the conventional banking system - invest in cryptocurrency by mining without limits. Our Computerized Mining System gives you digital financial independence and success.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our goal is to be your preferred Cryptocurrency Mining Platform as we seek to be your guide to maximizing the potential of the Blockchain Technology. Our system creates awareness and educates users of the need to harness the opportunities of investing in Crypto. Our global team of professionals work effortlessly to educating potential users on creating wealth through investing in Crypto.

Reasons Why you Mine with us

Our Cryptocurrency Mining System provides users with the most convenient way of mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Our mining plans and daily returns ensures total customer satisfaction evident in the testimonials from users and perfect ratings. Our system is structured to ensuring a complete user experience. Mine cryptocurrencies with ease.

Mining Stats

Last 1 Year
+$28,492.11 +330.10%
Last 2 Years
+$33,570.51 +944.88%
Last 3 Years
+$24,363.76 +190.94%
Last 5 Years
+$36,713.46 +8,955.70%
Last 7 Years
+$36,249.11 +4,146.13%

Mining Profitability

With bitcoin soaring again, the underlying computational network stronger and more secure than ever, and a multitude of reliable, user-friendly wallets services, applications, and resources arising, it is time for investors to take a more serious look at investing in cryptocurrency. The gains are staggering! JP Morgan, for example, wrote in a February 2020 report that “The crypto market continues to mature, and cryptocurrency trading participation by institutional investors is now imperative.” Furthermore, various finance experts have recommended putting cryptocurrency in portfolios. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki has repeatedly said that conventional currencies are declining while advising that people should invest their stimulus money in cryptocurrency. He also predicted high institutional investor demand for cryptocurrency post coronavirus pandemic era.